Who We Are

  • Our goal is to deliver fresh flavor, aromas, nutrition, and bioactives to enable “better for us” products.
  • Uses conductance drying (aka refractance window drying) to make water dispersible stable dried emulsions called “flakes”.
  • Stable dried emulsion “flakes” are important across the nutraceutical/wellness, flavor/food industry, biopharma and personal care industries.
  • “Less is more”, lower dosages are cost effective and perceived.  Why?  The flakes are emulsions and therefore have rapid uptake and increased bioavailability in the human body.
  • Whole Capture extraction technology (extraction of fresh botanicals) paired with conductance drying results in efficacious botanical flakes.
  • Dryer hardware refinements: increased efficiencies, reduced environmental footprint with ability to co-locate near raw materials.
  • Healdsburg facility is California Department of Public Health, organic (CCOF), and Kosher certified, as well as FDA registered.