What are flakes? They are what we get when we dry flavor and botanical emulsions. There are two essential elements in making flakes: one is our patented process for making the what we dry. The second is our use of Refractance Window Dryers, or as we prefer to call them conductance dryers.

  • Flakes are water dispersible
  • Flakes rehydrate to a stable emulsion in water and in the body
  • Increased bioavailability (2-3x) and rapid uptake
  • Flakes can be ground to various mesh sizes
  • Flakes create flowable powders (important for dry blends for stick packeting, mouth dissolving tablets, capsules, seasoning blends, dry fragrances, etc.)

Flakes can deliver function, flavor, color, or all three! We make flavor flakes as well as flakes for botanical medicine and wellness. The image below is of our under-development Reishi Mushroom flake.